African cultural influences are making their way into mainstream American culture. From fashion to dining, we’re seeing a lot of these trends in the States. African-inspired clothing is becoming more popular, and we’re even seeing African-inspired cuisine popping up in restaurants across the country. Local travel trends are also being influenced by Africa, as more people are interested in experiencing the continent’s culture firsthand.

In a snap, here is how African culture is influencing US dining, fashion, and local travel trends

1. Dining

African-inspired cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in the US. Many restaurants are now offering dishes that feature staple ingredients from different parts of Africa. These dishes often include spices and flavors that are unique to different African countries, making them very special. At the 2022 Worlds of Flavor International Conference and Festival, it was no wonder that the focus was on African cuisine.

2. Fashion

African fashion is enjoying a moment in the global spotlight. From runways to red carpets, it’s everywhere. With influential people such as Beyoncé and Michelle Obama sporting African clothing, it is difficult to ignore the trendsetting fashion choices coming out of Africa.

Today, designers are starting to incorporate African prints and patterns into their designs, and shoppers are loving it. This is especially evident when it comes to clothing for women.

3: Local travel

With its rich history and diverse culture, Africa has always been a source of inspiration for many Americans. Today, this fascination with the continent is being expressed through a growing trend of local travel that focuses on experiencing Africa firsthand.

Without traveling to an African country, one can still experience all the rich tapestry of African culture through festivals such as The Annual African Festival of the Arts of which the 33rd edition was recently held. Another epic example is the Capital Afrofest, a festival showcasing African and African-American crafts, food and music.

In Conclusion

From dining at African-inspired restaurants to shopping for authentic African clothing and artifacts, more people in the States are looking for ways to connect with the continent’s rich culture. This trend is also being reflected in the increasing popularity of African-themed travel destinations, such as safari lodges and game reserves.


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