About Us 2

Uche akobundu

Nutritionist. Foodie. Immigrant. Global Citizen.

Why Africa within America?

I grew up in Nigeria – raised as a second culture kid… with both British and Nigerian educational and culinary sensibilities. I moved to the United States as a young adult, eager to make a new home here, while treasuring the varied aspects of my unique childhood.

After having lived in the United States for awhile, I find I continue to search for connections to the continent of my birth. Perhaps I’m not the only one for whom this is true! In other words, there may be others seeking to connect with African culture while in the United States. It was from this realization that Africa Within America was born. Informed by my COVID-19 induced musings about the power of real life, social connection is, I decided to launch this website.

In conclusion, Africa Within America is platform for curating opportunities to embrace and enjoy the diverse range of modern and traditional forms of African culture in the United States. So jump in, let’s go!

You cannot leave Africa,” Africa said. “It is always with you, there inside your head.”

Poem titled “Africa Smiled” by Bridge Dore